Social Icons and Brand Guidelines

You may notice the new social icons down in the footer. These were a bit more effort to add than you’d think.

Every company has their guidelines on how they think their logo should be displayed. You may notice that the Twitter icon is blue, instead of a website-matching black. Check out their brand guidelines - you’ll find “And never show the Twitter logo in black or any other colors” on the fourth page, albeit with an exception for certain print use cases.

GitHub’s logo was a bit easier, though they have similar guidelines for color as Twitter. They give you one design with options for color. However, the icon set they give you is all on one Illustrator document. I don’t have Illustrator, so I had to spend a bit of time converting it around to SVG to extract the one icon I needed.

If you want to add social icons to your website, be sure you aren’t violating the brand guidelines since that could lead to your site looking unprofessional.

Twitter Logo
GitHub Logo